I've read the below answer : Font selection in XeTeX for specific characters

but I need a solution that works with pdflatex instead of xetex.

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  • My question clear!How to change the font of the numbers in a tex. I mean I am using a font, but I don't like it for my numbers, it there a way to use separate font for numbers, without changing to math. – maryam May 16 '15 at 13:59

There is no correspondent in pdflatex of the “interchar tokens” feature of XeTeX. Making digits active for expanding them to add a font call is not a choice, as you want digits also for things like \linebreak[2] which would break painfully.

The only way out is to define a macro:


where ... should be the family name of the font you want to use; then, to print a number with that font, say

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