I would like to implement this into an align-environment (or equivalent) how can I do this? I tried with boxes but the structure is rather complicated since I want a large box on the left-hand side....

enter image description here


Here you go. I could not replicate the font other than using a Sans Serif family (it appears bold in mine).


figure 1




    every node/.style={draw=gray, rounded corners, text centered,text width=3cm},

    \node[minimum height=4cm,minimum width=3cm] (big) at (0,0) {text\\more text};

    \node[font=\Large\sffamily, right=of big.north east, anchor=north west,minimum height=1cm] (s1) {equation}; 
    \node[right=of big.south east, anchor=south west,minimum height=1cm] (s2) {a lot of text\\and another line};

    \node[draw=none] at ($(big.north east)!.5!(s1.south west)$) {$\times$};
    \node[draw=none] at ($(big.south east)!.5!(s2.north west)$) {$\times$};

    \draw[<->, shorten >=5mm, shorten <=5mm] (s1.south) -- (s2.north);

  • Instead of X, may be $\times$? – Manuel May 16 '15 at 12:32
  • @Manuel Although in the question there are 2 Xs, that looks better (and probably the OP meant that symbol anyway). I'll change it. – Alenanno May 16 '15 at 14:08

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