I'm not sure if this is too minimal. (In the real document the problem appears at the bibliography, table of contents and \chapter*)

\documentclass[a4paper, 11pt]{report}


\chapter*{Not numbered}

How do I get the \thechapter\quad to not apply for unnumbered chapters?

  • For numbered chapters, do you want the chapter number and chapter title on the same line or on different lines.? This is not clear from your code.
    – Bernard
    May 16 '15 at 16:24
  • @Bernard Same line
    – Coolwater
    May 16 '15 at 16:26
  • So my proposition was correct. Chapter title is left-aligned. Also, do you want unnumbered chapters to appear in the table of contents?
    – Bernard
    May 16 '15 at 16:28
  • @Bernard Yes. I currently use \addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{Preface} locally, but is it possible automate that operation?
    – Coolwater
    May 16 '15 at 16:32
  • Yes. See my updated answer. You have to load titlesec with the explicit option. And hypothetically use titletoc to define a correct formatting of unnumbered chapters in the table of contents.
    – Bernard
    May 16 '15 at 17:22

As far as I understand what you want to do, you should use the blockstyle. Add something like this to your preamble:


Also, replace your present code for numbered chapters with


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