I use TexStudio and I want to make a keyboard shortcut that inserts \textrm{param} when I press it where param is a parameter to be filled in (similar to how \frac has the num and den parameters).

Is it possible to apply the shortcut with selected source code as a parameter?

  • You mean something like this? (After all I do not think this is a good idea because I tend to define too much shortcuts and forget them immediately.)
    – Symbol 1
    Commented May 19, 2015 at 5:36
  • sorta like that but with a parameter Commented May 19, 2015 at 5:49

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Go to Macros menu and choose Edit Macros

enter image description here

Click on the Add button and insert a new macro, as in the image below (the Name you can choose, of course).

enter image description here

The Type should be Normal and the LaTeX Content should be \textrm{%|%|}. Click on OK and then you can insert the macro from Macros menu or using its shortcut (in my case, Shift+F5).

The macro will insert \textrm{} with the cursor inside the braces {}.

Note 1. You can select some text (foo) first and execute the macro after to obtain \textrm{foo}.

Note 2. You can change its shortcut using Options menu, Configure TeXstudio

enter image description here

and then Shortcuts

enter image description here


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