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I can reference a figure (or table) from text using \label(fig:example) between \begin{figure} and \end{figure}, and using \ref(fig:example) within my text.

However, my figures are at the end of my document (a long document), and after I look at any of the figures, I would like to go back to the text where I left for the figure. Is there any command that can link me back to the text from the figure so that I don't have to scroll back up to look for the text?

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  • Welcome to TeX.SE! :D You can use the [backref=page] option, like \usepackage[backref=page]{hyperref}, however it links back to the page, not the exact point. For that, see this question: Precise back-reference target with hyperref and backref – Alenanno May 19 '15 at 16:34
  • Just use the “Go back” feature in your PDF viewer. – egreg May 19 '15 at 16:41

Let me answer my own question:

  1. Insert \hypertarget{A}{text} in your text. {A} is the label and {text} is the sentence where you want to come back from your table (I have applied it to my tables).
  2. Put \hyperlink{A}{(Go back to text)} between \begin{table} and \end{table}, right above \end{table}.
  3. Highlighted (Go back to text) is placed beneath the table. Click it to go back to the sentence.

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