I like this nice feature on texmaker Options->Define Current document as 'Master Document' and find myself using it heavily since I have my bibliography on a different file.

It would be great to switch using a keyboard shortcut. Is there any way to make it happen? 'Coz it's not shown under current shortcuts list.

EDIT: well currently you can do this by using CTRL + SHIFT + F2 but it's very inconvenient using this combo

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I use currently Texmarker 4.2. If I want to switch between opened documents I need to use Alt+PgUp combination buttons.

You can change it.

Preferences -> Configurations -> Shortcuts

and then you have to find what you want from the list.

Good luck

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    Thanks for the reply. Im using texmaker 4.1 and I can traverse documents by Alt+PgUp or Alt+PgDown. but the functionality of that that ctrl+shift+2 are quite different where first one allows you to traverse the list while the second is toggling between just 2 documents.
    – samsamara
    Commented May 25, 2015 at 5:51

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