I want to change font size of text to 14pt, but it's important to me that math font size must be 12pt.

Is there any way to change font size of text without changing font size of math text?

I would grateful for any help.


You can change the surrounding text font size to 14pt by normal means. And to maintain the math font size to 12pt you could use the \DeclareMathSizes in your preamble. The syntax is:

\DeclareMathSizes{display size}{text size}{script size}{scriptscript size}

So, for instance, you could set:


Or make all math sizes equal:


It really depends on your requirements! But adding either code to your document's preamble should achieve what you needed to do.

Reference: @Stephan Kottwitz's answer shown here

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    I would have chosen \DeclareMathSizes{12pt}{12pt}{8pt}{6pt}. – Mico May 21 '15 at 1:48

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