I use biblatex with csquotes. If I quote indirectly I use \autocite and if I quote directly I use csquotes \blockcqute. I'd like to insert predefined text into the prenote field of the \blockcqute (or csquotes commands in general) if it was ommited or if it is empty – so that \blockcquote[][55]{Author}{Quote} is similar to writing \blockcquote[See][55]{Author}{Quote}. What I found is that I could redefine biblatex's postnote macro:

    {% true
    }{% false

But then writing Some text \autocite[][55]{Author} would be similar to Some text \autocite[See][55]{Author} as well and this is not what I want to achieve.

So, is there any hook like biblatex's prenote macro I could modify?


A very easy way is to hook into \mkccitation and add your redefinition of the prenote macro


this redefinition will be limited to csquotes' citation commands only - it happens within a group.

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