I am trying to recompile a document in kwrite; I previously compiled it all OK under debian squeeze about 6 months ago, but I now have an opensuse 11.2 (kwrite-4.3.5-0.1.1.x86_64).

A few problems have cropped up in the recompile 1) \begin{enumerate}...\end{enumerate} are undefined 2) \begin{itemize}...\end{itemize} are also undefined 3) all my captions now lead to undefined control errors

Example output:


! Undefined control sequence.
\enit@endenumerate ->\enit@after 
                                 \endlist \enit@toks \expandafter {\enit@sav...
l.163 \end{enumerate}

! Undefined control sequence.
\enit@enditemize ->\enit@after 
                               \endlist \enit@toks \expandafter {\enit@savek...

! Undefined control sequence.
\captiontextfont@default ->\cpb@font 

l.144 ...d compositions as estimated by weighing.}

Any advice?

Also, the captcha on this site is really broken. disabling javascript just throws a (framed) content-length required error and shows a google page (WTF?) Secondly, I had to enter it in 4 times (after enabling javascript) because (I didn't have tags, I had invalid tags, I had a bad captcha (unreadable) and then I got a good one); Is there somewhere I can report this?


  • Could not report bug. Would not let me post my question "your openID (?) is incorrect", but there was no field (even with javascript) to enter this. ???

  • Here is the minimal example that was asked for in the discussion (Am I meant to just keep editing my posts??)


\usepackage{paralist} %fancy list of figures

\title{A b C d e f g}



\pagestyle{empty} \hspace{1pt} \pagebreak







%back to 1,2,3 style numbering

 \item One


Caption minimal example:





\includegraphics[width=0.95 \textwidth]{test.png}
\caption{Caption test}



This results in:

  ! Undefined control sequence. \captionlabelfont@default ->\cph@font l.19 \caption{Caption test} ! Undefined control sequence. \captionlabelfont@default ->\cph@font l.19 \caption{Caption test} ! Undefined control sequence. \captiontextfont@default ->\cpb@font l.19 \caption{Caption test} ! Undefined control sequence. \captionlabelfont@default ->\cph@font l.19 \caption{Caption test} ! Undefined control sequence. \captionlabelfont@default ->\cph@font l.19 \caption{Caption test} ! Undefined control sequence. \captiontextfont@default ->\cpb@font l.19 \caption{Caption test} 
[2 ] (./test.aux) ) (see the transcript file for additional information) Output written on test.pdf (2 pages, 471338 bytes). Transcript written on test.log.
  • You can report your issues with the site on meta. – TH. Aug 28 '10 at 12:28
  • For the TeX question, please add a minimal example that illustrates your problem. – TH. Aug 28 '10 at 12:28
  • 7
    Try to load paralist before enumitem. – lockstep Aug 28 '10 at 13:22
  • OK, that fixes the itemize problem, thanks a lot -- I would have not have thought to do that. I was under the impression each package is relatively non-interacting, so usepackage order is not super-critical. Can someone explain this black magic? I don't understand what is going on behind the scenes, and why this fixes it. Also, I will try to narrow down the caption problem. – Someone Aug 28 '10 at 14:20
  • 3
    Well both packages (enumitem and paralist) redefines the standard list environments. So using both packages in a document is certainly "dangerous". – Ulrike Fischer Aug 28 '10 at 15:40

Regarding your caption problem. I don't get any error. I would suspect that your caption.sty is too old.

I have caption.sty 2010/01/09 v3.1m Customizing captions (AR)


OK, So for anyone out there; the UWA style file thesis is broken with my version of caption. Similar problems have been reported with upgrades to caption breaking university style files.

I have no ability to edit custom style files, I just use them.

As a work around, as suggested at http://macosx-tex.576846.n2.nabble.com/problem-with-caption-in-Mactex-2009-td3988716.html#a3989331 (or http://tug.org/pipermail/macostex-archives/2009-November/041847.html), is to use ccaption, instead of caption. The result is different (and less nice looking), but it works.

Unfortunately, the caption file does not seem to be clearly version stamped, or a dependency is causing the problem, as the last marked change is in 2008, which was long enough ago, and my other system was up-to-date to make me suspicious.

So the only info I have is the non-working caption.sty file has:

\NeedsTeXFormat{LaTeX2e}[1994/12/01] \ProvidesPackage{caption}[2008/04/01 v3.1h Customizing captions (AR)] $ md5sum ./texmf/tex/latex/caption/caption.sty 677bc2647b4de7942f16e897e1eadab2 ./texmf/tex/latex/caption/caption.sty

Thanks to everyone for the help.

Hope this helps.

P.s. For a latex site, a software package that is usually associated with anti-wysiwig fuddy duddies, there sure is a lot of scripting going on here -- I can't even post without it.

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