Some of my packages are not recognised by TexStudio (examples: pdfpages, mathtools, ramsstyle and so on), but most of the packages I use are recognised.

I have installed all of these packages with MikTex 2.9 (even tried to reinstall them), but still TexStudio won't recognise them. This is getting tiresome since I really need to use pdfpages to include a PDF to my document.

Is there any way for me to check if the packages are installed, and if TexStudio is actually connected to MikTex? I also tried to install some new, random packages with MikTex but they were not recognised either.

I don't know if I checked the "Install on the fly" option when I installed MikTex (was and still are fresh in the Latex game).

Any help is much appriciated!

  • Are you after adding those packages refresh FNDB database? – Zarko May 21 '15 at 16:39
  • What do you mean by "are not recognized"? – Ulrike Fischer May 21 '15 at 16:39
  • I mean the package is "Not found" when writing \usepackage{pdfpages}. I have been installing packages with the Package manager, but still they are not found by TexStudio. I will try to refresh FNDB database now. – Olav S May 21 '15 at 16:49
  • Nothing changed after I refreshed the FNDB database. – Olav S May 21 '15 at 16:58
  • open a command line (search for cmd in windows) and type pdflatex --version and findtexmf article.cls and findtexmf pdfpages.sty (everytime hit enter at the end) and show a screenshot of the output. – Ulrike Fischer May 21 '15 at 17:09

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