Can anyone tell me how I can change the font size of the \listoffigures content (not the caption)?

I couldn't find a corresponding option in the tocloft package

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The commands you are looking for are:

  • \cftloftitlefont: controls the appeareance of the LoF title.

  • \cftfigfont: controls the appearance of the entry (and its preceeding number, if any).

  • \cftfigpagefont: This defines the font to be used for typesetting the page number.

Those commands can be changed using \renewcommand. A little example (the result is quite ugly, but it illustrates the use of the commands):




\begin{figure}[!ht]\centering A\caption{test one}\end{figure}
\begin{figure}[!ht]\centering B\caption{test two}\end{figure}


enter image description here


If you use the KOMA package you can use for example


before the table of contents, and after that change the size again with:

 \setkomafont{part}{<some other options...>}

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