The usual practice is that the bibliography is in the last pages of a book. However, I found a book in which the bibliography is in the first pages, as shown in the following figure:

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Are there some packages or classes for that?


There's nothing special about having LaTeX generate the bibliography early rather than late in the document. There is certainly no need for a special package or a specialized document class. If you use BibTeX or biblatex to generate the formatted bibliographic entries, all you need to do is to execute the bibliography-creating macro -- \bibliography and \printbibliography, respectively -- in the \frontmatter portion of the document. Depending on the document class you use, you may need to add a couple of instructions so that a line item for the bibliography is shown in the table of contents.

To give a concrete illustration, we may set up an example that uses the book document class, BibTeX, and the plain bibliography style. The resulting table of contents looks like this:

enter image description here

  author = "Anne Author",
  title  = "Thoughts",
  journal= "Circularity Today",
  year   = 5678,
  volume = 1,
  number = 2,
  pages  = "3-4",


\setcounter{page}{5}  % just for this example

\chapter{Preface to Second Edition}
\chapter{Preface to First Edition}

\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{Bibliography} % create toc entry
\bibliography{mybib} % generate formatted bibliography, insert it here



\chapter{Primes in Arithmetic Progression}


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