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I want to refer to a description list item by name instead of number. To that effect, I've added labels to each item, but when referencing them I only get the name of the section, not of the list item. How can I change it to show a custom label for each item?

  \item[Rule1\label{itm:1}] The Suffix to Prefix Rule. 
  \item[Rule2] The Substring Matching Rule \label{2}
    \item[Rule2-1] Character Matching Rule \label{2-1}
  \item[Rule3] The Uniqueness Property Rule \label{3}

i want to reference the above rules somewhere in my document but every time i call only section number is displayed

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a label must be associated with a counter.

description list items don't have counters.

so the most recent counter is attached to the label; that counter could be a section, a figure, an equation, ..., but not a description item.

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