I'm trying to create some dynamic forms in my PDF file with JavaScript. I am using xelatex to compile it. Something in the way the insdljs package is inserting the JavaScript is making it not work.

Here is a sample file:


\begin{insDLJS}{hello}{Hello, World}
var done=0;

function hello() 
    if (!done) {
        // check if we are done
        app.alert("Hello, World!");


\OpenAction{/S /JavaScript /JS (hello();)}

If you remove the useless comment and compile with xelatex, then open the compiled PDF in Acrobat Reader, you get a “Hello, World!” alert. But with the comment you get no alert.

Looking at the actual JavaScript (you need Acrobat Pro to do this, I think) that gets inserted into the PDF, I see that all the newlines are removed. It becomes

var done=0;function hello(){if (!done) {// check if we are done done=1;app.alert("Hello, World!");}}

In JavaScript, the double slash // indicates that the rest of the line is a comment. When all the newlines are stripped, half of the code is ignored! Acrobat's JavaScript console gives error messages consistent with this (it doesn't find the } ending the hello() function block).

So here are my workarounds:

  1. Use no comments. Bad Idea.
  2. Use only inline comments /* ... */ OK, not great.
  3. Coerce newlines to appear. After all, aside from comments, there are probably good reasons to have newlines.

Any ideas on implementing #3? The eforms manual says you can insert newlines with \n, but this seems to not be happening. If I do that I get instead

var done=0;function hello(){if (!done) {// check if we are done \ndone=1;app.alert("Hello, World!");}}

(the \n just went straight into the document level JavaScript).


If works if you add a TeX-comment:

    %// check if we are done

But from the documentation I would have expected that a // works too, so I suggest that you write the author.

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