I am working with datenumber package with spanish option, \usepackage[spanish]{datenumber} and I want to define a command similar to \datemonthname, but each month with the first 3 letters, I mean

enero=ene, febrero=feb, marzo=mar, mayo=may,



The first three (or more characters) of a string can be extracted with \StrLeft{somestring}{3} from the xstring package.

I wrapped a macro named \dateshortmonthname with one optional argument around \StrLeft{\datemonthname}{#1} where #1 defaults to 3 if not specified otherwise (or not at all).



\usepackage{pgffor} % only for demo



\foreach \x in {1,...,12} {%
Current month: \datemonthname~ -- short is \dateshortmonthname


enter image description here

Note The datenumber package is quite old and no changes have been made to it since about 15 years.

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