\tkzTabInit[color, colorT = red!30, colorC = yellow!20,colorL        =             blue!20,  colorV = lightgray!20, espcl=4]{$x$ /1,$f''(x)$ /1, $f'(x)$ /2,   $f(x)$ /2 }
  {$-\infty$ ,$0$, $+\infty$}%
\tkzTabLine {,+ , z,+ ,  }
\tkzTabVar[color=red]{-/  $-\infty$,R/ /,+/ $+\infty$ /}%
\tkzTabVar{+/ $+\infty$, -/$f(0)=0$/, +/ $+\infty$ / }


The above code produces the following shape:

enter image description here

I want , however, to add one last thing in the table. In the box of the derivative of f, that shows its monotony I would like to add the sign of the derivative. That is , add a plus sing at the right in the center below the arrow and a minus sign at the left in the center above the arrow.

How can I do that?


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The easiest way is to add these two lines after \tkzTabVal in your code:


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