I am using Koma-script book document class, twosides, and I also use the package \fancyhdr to modify my pages.

The problem is that header appears both in the next page after TOC and after LOF, so I wonder if there a way to remove the header from these pages

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  • I tried to use '\fancyhead{}', but this command just removed the name from the header. What actually I want is the pages after TOC and LOF to be completely empty – Yorgos May 23 '15 at 0:48

I got this code snippet many, many years ago from I don't remember where, so unfortunately I can't credit its originator; but it certainly isn't mine.

\makeatletter \def\cleardoublepage{\clearpage\if@twoside
\ifodd\c@page\else \hbox{} \vspace*{\fill}
\thispagestyle{empty} \newpage
\if@twocolumn\hbox{}\newpage\fi\fi\fi} \makeatother

All this really does is redefine \cleardoublepage to include \thispagestyle{empty}, but this will do what you want (if I'm interpreting what you want correctly). It will also remove headers and footers from any page that's cleared by \cleardoublepage; e.g., blank verso pages at the end of a chapter.

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  • @dgoomaniii Thank you very much!!!! It worked!!! Since I use LyX I include the code above the TOC – Yorgos May 23 '15 at 1:26
  • Actually, either, but it makes more sense in the preamble. – dgoodmaniii May 23 '15 at 1:26

You are doing something to change the defaults of scrbook (see the example below).

To ensure that the blank pages after TOC and LOF are empty insert


at the end of your preamble or at the very beginning of the document.

Here is an example to show that with scrbook the blank page after TOC is in the default empty:

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