I have divided my frame in two columns. Both columns have titles,picture,itemized text as in how to add title to column with graphics the only difference is that I am adding graphics in my frame as opposed to drawing cycles in the above mentioned question. I want to resize one of the pictures without changing the location of title and text. I tried doing this by \includegraphics[width=\linewidth,height=0.4\textheight]{my_pic} but the problem is that it changes the location of everything that is there in this column. How can I change the size of my picture without disturbing the position of other stuff in that column?


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You could place the image in a \parbox and specify the height of that box. Say both your images originally had height=3cm. Add the \parbox with a height of 3cm, then you can reduce the size of the image inside, without the list below moving up.

enter image description here

    First Column\\[.2cm]
    \item 1
    \item 2
    Second Column\\[.2cm]    
    \item 1
    \item 2
  • is it possible to distribute the white space(below smaller figure) in first column such that figure appears in middle rather than being at top.
    – NAASI
    Commented Jun 21, 2015 at 22:13
  • @NAASI Change the second [t] for the \parbox to [c], i.e. \parbox[t][3cm][c]{.... That optional argument specifies the vertical alignment of the content within the box. Commented Jun 21, 2015 at 22:21

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