I need to draw a couple of interlocking tori, as in the picture, using Tikz.

Interlocking Tori

I've been looking at some examples online and all I find is instructions to do it with Gnuplot, nothing about Tikz. If anyone could help I would deeply appreciate it.


You can plot 4 half tori like this :

  torus/.style 2 args={
    color=#1!50,faceted color=#1,
    z buffer=sort,
    domain=0:360, y domain=#2:#2+180

      \begin{axis}[hide axis,axis equal,scale=3,view={20}{20}]
        \addplot3[torus={blue}{0}] (\m,\n,\p);
        \addplot3[torus={red}{0}] (\p,\n-2,\m);
        \addplot3[torus={blue}{180}] (\m,\n,\p);
        \addplot3[torus={red}{180}] (\p,\n-2,\m);

enter image description here

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    To make the tori look "circular" rather than "elliptic", you can use the unit vector ratio=1 1 1 option or axis equal. – Tom Bombadil Nov 28 '15 at 23:46

Run with xelatex:


\psset{Decran=50,viewpoint=20 80 30,lightsrc=viewpoint,action=none}
    \psSolid[r1=2.5,r0=1.5,object=tore,ngrid=18 36,fillcolor=green!30,name=tA]
    \psSolid[r1=2.5,r0=1.5,object=tore,ngrid=18 36,fillcolor=blue!30,RotX=90,name=tB](2,0,0) 
    \psSolid[object=fusion,base=tA tB,action=draw**]


enter image description here

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