I'm using minipages to keep related questions together on a test that I'm writing. When I make a 2-sided document some of my spacing gets messed up before the section break. It works fine if I leave out the twoside option. What's going on here?




\section{More test}



"messed up" is not a very helpful description. However I assume you mean that the text comes to the bottom of the page, that is by design as twoside uses \flushbottom by default as it is traditional to ensure that the adjacent pages on a two page spread have matching bottom baselines.

However if you do not want that, add \raggedbottom to the preamble and you will get the same setting in the page body as for oneside.

  • Sorry for the bad description. Yes, the text on page 1 gets stretched to fill up nearly the whole page, leaving inches of space between the lines. Thanks for your answer. – jaspast May 29 '15 at 2:28

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