I'm going to use a lot of definitions in my work, so I want to create the glossary. I've found the example here .

I have a file words.tex where definitions are situated:

\newglossaryentry{r0}{name=\glslink{R0}{\ensuremath{R_{0}}},text=F\"{o}rster distance,description={F\"{o}rster distance, where 50\% ...}, sort=R}
\newglossaryentry{kdeac}{name=\glslink{R0}{\ensuremath{k_{DEAC}}},text=$k_{DEAC}$, description={is the rate of deactivation from ... and emission)}, sort=k}
\newacronym{ddye}{D$_{\text{dye}}$}{donor dye, ex. Alexa 488}
\newacronym[description={\glslink{r0}{F\"{o}rster distance}}]{R0}{$R_{0}$}{F\"{o}rster distance}



     \usepackage[unicode]{hyperref} % Гиперссялки
        colorlinks = true,
        linkcolor = MidnightBlue,
        urlcolor = [rgb]{0,0,1},
        citecolor = red





When I'm trying to compile it, I get it:

! Package glossaries Error: Glossary type `main' has not been defined.

See the glossaries package documentation for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.

l.1 ...{o}rster distance, where 50\% ...}, sort=R}

? H
You need to define a new glossary type, before making entries in it

What should I do? I'm searching similar topics, for example, here. However, I haven't understood how this topic is related to me.

I hope you will help me:)


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Remove nomain from the options you pass the package. If you use this, you have to define specific glossaries and assign entries to them - there is no default glossary, main. If you remove the option, everything will be added to the default glossary unless otherwise specified, which seems to be what you want.

  • Okay, I've corrected it. But I have an error when makeglossaries main: xindy -L russian -C utf8 -I xindy -M "main" -t "main.alg" -o "main.acr" "main.acn" Opening logfile "main.alg" ERROR: Opening logfile "main.alg" failed! Call to xindy failed May 28, 2015 at 2:49

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