I'm trying to create a legend for use in the caption of a plot (to match a plot created in matlab, so sadly, I can't just link to the figure.). I know that tikz can create values for use in a legend, as in the MWE included below. But what I really want is to also have a marker symbol: a dashed line with a circle -o-

I think maybe I would want to add a node (e.g., draw a short line, draw a symbol, draw another short line). So then this would give me something like

\newcommand{\hwplotA}{\raisebox{2pt}{\tikz{\draw[black,dashed,mark=o,line width=0.9pt](0,0) -- (5mm,0);\node at (2.5mm,0) {$o$}}}}

although this doesn't compile. The solution listed by the OP at the link below doesn't work for me (putting a zero-sized tikz plot) because it seems to not play nicely with other packages I'm using.

Any ideas?

MWE to create a legend line from How to draw legend lines in caption/text without including original plot's TikZ picture?


\newcommand{\hwplotA}{\raisebox{2pt}{\tikz{\draw[red,solid,line width=0.9pt](0,0) -- (5mm,0);}}}
\newcommand{\hwplotB}{\raisebox{2pt}{\tikz{\draw[black,dashed,line width=1.2pt](0,0) -- (5mm,0);}}}

This is how I reference to {\hwplotA} and {\hwplotB}. 


To illustrate Christian Feuersänger's solution from Using a pgfplots-style legend in a plain-old tikzpicture :

Do you really want the legend in the caption? Between the picture and the caption should do.


% argument #1: any options
    % inits/clears the lists (which might be populated from previous axes):
    % draws the legend:


\begin{customlegend}[legend columns=-1]
\addlegendentry{raw data}
\addlegendentry{cooked data}



  • Hmm, that's a nice workaround. Ideally, I would like to find a solution that also works in the caption. – user2441511 Jun 6 '15 at 0:24
  • You can put it in the caption, but it will also show up in the list of figures. – John Kormylo Jun 6 '15 at 12:36

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