I have a project directory of the nature:

  • notes.sty
  • class1/Index.tex
  • class2/Index.tex
  • classN/Index.tex

and I'm trying to usepackage the notes style for the TeX files to keep them consistent. However; whenever I import from parent directory using:


Which has relevant stylings as follows:


When I do this my fancy header's horizontal line acts funny:

Squished header

However, when I move the notes.sty into each directory and import them using:


It's correctly sized:


Does anyone have any ideas how I can keep notes.sty in the parent directory (so there's only one copy), while maintaining the correctly sized header size? I can provide more mark-up, but I didn't want to overwhelm with text.


Found the answer here:

fancyhdr not centering after changed geometry

Essentially, whenever you modify the geometry of the page you need to redefine the fancyhdr width.

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