I'm working with a complex thesis template that I don't fully understand (http://www.latextemplates.com/template/masters-doctoral-thesis). I've tried to modify it to make the abstract have arabic numbers, followed by a preliminary section in roman numerals, followed by the chapters in arabic numbers again. However, the first page of the abstract has a page number, and not the successive pages.

Here is a snip of the abstract section of the .cls file:

\btypeout{Abstract Page}
%%   \null\vfil
    {\large{Abstract} \par}
    {\large \@title \par} % Thesis title
    {\normalsize by \\ \authornames \par} % Author name
        {\normalsize fff\par} % Degree name
        {\normalsize University of fff\par} % Degree name
        {\normalsize Professors fff ch-chairs\par} % Degree name



and here is the abstract section of the main .tex file

\addtotoc{Abstract} % Add the "Abstract" page entry to the Contents

\abstract{\addtocontents{toc}{\vspace{1em}} % Add a gap in the Contents, for aesthetics
Abstract text...


\clearpage % Start a new page

Sorry for no MWE, not sure that one would be feasible. Any idea how I can ensure page numbers on all of the abstract pages, and not just the first?

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\thispagestyle{plain} sets a page number for just this page. Adding \pagestyle{plain} will set it for subsequent pages as well (indefinitely i.e. until you change it again).


Probably you need an adjustment later but it is impossible to tell without a more complete example.

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