Is it possible to draw custom logic gates like the following one using circuitikz?


Alternatively, is it possible to draw them easily with the circuits.logic library in tikz?

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    Is it a one-off or do you plan to use it a lot? For a one-off, you could just draw it using tikz (circuitikz is built on top of tikz). – John Kormylo Jun 2 '15 at 13:05
  • @JohnKormylo I might not use this particular one often, but I need to use other designs, like flip flops, quite often. – Aakash Jog Jun 2 '15 at 14:05
  • You can find a flip-flop shape in TeXample.net – Ignasi Jun 2 '15 at 14:38

Here you have a possible solution. It uses a trapezium shape as reference to draw the ALU.

\usetikzlibrary{shapes.geometric, positioning, calc}

            trapezium angle=30,
            shape border rotate=180,
            minimum width=4cm,
            minimum height=3cm,
            trapezium stretches=true,
            append after command={%
                        \draw (\tikzlastnode.top left corner) --
                           (\tikzlastnode.top right corner) -- 
                           (\tikzlastnode.bottom right corner) -- 
                           ($(\tikzlastnode.bottom right corner)!.666!(\tikzlastnode.bottom side)$)--
                           ([yshift=-8mm]\tikzlastnode.bottom side)--
                           ($(\tikzlastnode.bottom side)!.334!(\tikzlastnode.bottom left corner)$)--
                           (\tikzlastnode.bottom left corner)--
                           (\tikzlastnode.top left corner);

\node[alu] (alu) {ADDER($n$)};
\draw (alu.south) -- ++(-90:5mm) node [below] (out) {$S[n-1:0]$};
\draw (alu.20) -- ++(0:5mm) node [right] {$C[0]$};
\draw (alu.50) -- ++(90:5mm) node [above] {$B[n-1:0]$};
\draw (alu.130) -- ++(90:5mm) node [above] {$A[n-1:0]$};
\draw (alu.130) -- ++(90:5mm) node [above] {$A[n-1:0]$};
\node[left=8mm of out] (carry) {$C[n]$};
\draw (carry) |- (alu.200);

enter image description here

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