I'd like to use lower case calligraphic letters in mathdesign. I can pull in the letters from dutchcal by undefining mathcal following \usepackage[charter]{mathdesign} but then I use the prettier calligraphic characters from mathdesign. Is there a convenient way to pull in only the (=all) lower case calligraphic letters from dutchcal?



\let\mathcal\undefined  % without this line I get an error message
\usepackage{dutchcal}  % without this line and the one before it, I don't get lower case calligraphic letters


I want $\mathcal{F}$ from mathdesign, but mathdesign doesn't contain $\mathcal{f}$.  The only way I can get $\mathcal{f}$ from dutchcal to work is as indicated, but that gives me $\mathcal{F}$ from dutchcal.   The symbol $\mathfrak{l}$ is just too ugly compared to $\mathcal{l}$.

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Do what dutchcal does, but defining a different command:



\DeclareFontFamily{U}{dutchcal}{\skewchar\font=45 }
\DeclareFontShape{U}{dutchcal}{m}{n}{<-> s*[1.0] dutchcal-r}{}
\DeclareFontShape{U}{dutchcal}{b}{n}{<-> s*[1.0] dutchcal-b}{}


\verb|$\mathcal{F}$|: $\mathcal{F}$ (mathdesign)

\verb|$\mathlcal{f}$|: $\mathlcal{f}$ (dutchcal)

\verb|$\mathlcal{F}$|: $\mathlcal{F}$ (dutchcal)

\verb|$\mathcal{F}\mathlcal{f}$|: $\mathcal{F}\mathlcal{f}$



enter image description here

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