I am having trouble when I run the following code in lyx, using a script written in R:

clean_cache(clean = TRUE)



#open mysql database 
con <- dbConnect(MySQL(),user="xxx", password="xxx",dbname="xxx", host="xxx") 

uno<-dbGetQuery(con, "SELECT nhijl FROM resumen where leche;")

#create table
tabla_uno<-data.frame(Total_hijas=round((c(min(uno$nhijl),quantile(uno$nhijl,probs=(0.25)),quantile(uno$nhijl,probs=0.5),mean(uno$nhijl),quantile(uno$nhijl,probs=0.75), max(uno$nhijl))))) 

rownames(tabla_uno)<-(c("Mínimo","1er. cuartil", "Mediana", "Media", "3er. cuartil", "Máximo"))

It seems strange because the first time I ran de code, I had as a result the table I expected, however when I tried a second time, the chunk could not be processed to pdf format.

2 major errors were displayed:


! Undefined control sequence. \endkframe ...ip \endMakeFramed \at@end@of@kframe

l.91 \end{kframe} nhijl


! LaTeX Error: \begin{document} ended by \end{kframe}. l.91 \end{kframe} nhijl

Your command was ignored.

Can you help me?


first of all, thank you for your suggestions.

I solved the problem by writing the same script directly into lyx.

Is it possible that by copying and pasting the original script from R into lyx, some "invisible rubbish" could have been included and finally caused trouble?

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  • You might need to paste with ctrl + shift + v, instead of ctrl + v. See the Edit > Paste menu. – scottkosty Sep 6 '15 at 14:40

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