Using beamer, I have a created a series of slides. Can I print 2 slides per page (as done in the pdfpages package) but add a horizontal line (not an entire frame) to separate the pages vertically:

I.e., I would like

slide 1

------- <-- this line is what I want

slide 2


This is how it's done (for file beamer.pdf). How much do you want automated?



full page


pdfpages has a picturecommand option, but I didn't know how to use it in this case. But as it already loads eso-pic, it's easy to draw a line on background with it.

Note: I'm not used to picture, so if the code can be improved, please do it.



\includepdf[pages=-, nup=1x2, delta=0 8, scale=.9]{conference-ornate-20min}

enter image description here

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