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Attach displayed image to the PDF without storing it twice

Is it at all possible to include a PDF as a graphic in the document and also as an internal attachment to the final document PDF without duplicating the internal data of the graphics in the resulting PDF?

Just to give an idea, the following code...

dummy text
\textattachfile[color=1 0 0, zoom=true, appearance=true]{pic.pdf}{

... does include the given pdf as a graphics and also as attachment, but the information is duplicated as it can be obviously found by inspecting the sizes of the final PDFs. To be specific with sizes, an essentially empty pdf produce a 20kB file. The with the code above the file is 80kB, but with the includegraphics commented or attachfile commented the size is ~30kB. So the data is obviously repeated in the final PDF. Is it possible to avoid this, either using some PDF trick or by enforcing compression of duplicated data?

(The reason is that I like this kind of feature for PDFs that include many many graphics, usually bigger than in the example but I don't want to pay double in final PDF size.)

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