I am writing a school report which has to be evaluated by two different teachers.

I need to mark which sections each teacher should read. I guess I can make a small symbol next to the header to mark which teacher the specific section is written to.

How is this possible?

I guess I can do something like

\section{Milking the Cow}
Some text

or editing the section headers or something like that.


A margin symbol could be clearer and less intrusive:

\section{\Smith Lore ipsum}\lipsum[2]
\section{\Philips Nulla malesuada}\lipsum[3]
\section{\Omar Quisque ullamcorper}\lipsum[4]



Give them some magic so that they can give you good marks!

\def\TA{{\color{red}\staveVI}} \def\TB{{\color{blue}\staveXXXVI}}
\section {test}

enter image description here

If you change the definitions to robust commands you can also put them in the section title.


enter image description here

I sort of like them so as cleaders

   \cleaders \hb@xt@ 1.5em{\hss\staveVI\hss}\hfill

   \cleaders \hb@xt@ 1.5em{\hss\staveXXXVI\hss}\hfill

Leader glue is one of those magical ingedients of TeX!

enter image description here

  • Haha - I like it. Can the symbols be right aligned in the section header and with the same height as the text, so it wont "conflict" with the normal layout. Thank you!
    – Jamgreen
    Jun 6 '15 at 9:40
  • 2
    @Jamgreen This will need some more magic. Change to \DeclareRobustCommand\TA{\hfill\scalebox{.3}{\mbox{\color{red}\staveVI}}}, but when they are smaller they lose their power:) Also don't forget to add \usepackage{graphicx} for the scalebox Jun 6 '15 at 9:52
  • 1
    Now the problem is that they are also present in the table of contents. Is it possible to hide them there? :-D
    – Jamgreen
    Jun 6 '15 at 10:21

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