The following effect is what I want: enter image description here

And I wrote corresponding code as below

\textbf{Document} ::= <Document [\textbf{\emph{documentName}}]$_0^1$  [\textbf{\emph{author}}]$_0^1$ [\textbf{\emph{date}}]$_0^1$>
                           [\textbf{Table}]$_1^n$  [\textbf{Action}]$_0^n$  [\textbf{Comment}]$_0^n$

These code do worked, but It can't show italic and bold, the following is its result. enter image description here

Thanks for your solutions!

  • maybe \lstset{ escapeinside={}} is useful. But I don't know the exact usage. Waite for your answer! – Huang Mao Jun 7 '15 at 7:04

You have already enabled mathescape. This can also be used for executing \textbf, e.g. $\textbf{Table}$.

I would use markup commands, then the code is easier to read and maintain. Also there are other options than a listings. The following example uses a tabbing environment:


  \textless /#1\textgreater
  \textless #1%

  \Element{Document} \IsDefinedAs\ \= \StartTagBegin{Document}
  \> \EndTag{Document}


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