I have a few references that consist of several bibliography entries that are grouped via biblatex's command \defbibentryset (using biber as backend). The standard behaviour of biblatex is to seperate the entries by a semicolon without any further labelling. I wonder wether there is a possibility to assign a label (arabic or roman numbers or letters) to each of the entries so that it looks like

[1] a) bibliography entry; b) bibliograhpy entry; c) ...


Sometimes the entrysetcount field really comes in handy. :-)





  author = {Author, A.},
  year = {2001},
  title = {Alpha},
  author = {Buthor, B.},
  year = {2002},
  title = {Bravo},
  author = {Cuthor, C.},
  year = {2003},
  title = {Charlie},







EDIT: \addhighpenspace discourages line breaks after the label, but does not forbid them. As for the format of entrysetcount: I should have used the bibentrysetcount format -- example corrected.

EDIT 2: Another advantage of using the bibentrysetcount format is that one can drop the \iffieldundef test -- example corrected again.

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    Thank you very much. This works quite nice. Just for the sake of completeness: would you add the package-option backend=biber to biblatex? Since I'm pretty new to this forum I don't know yet wether I should edit another person's answer to add something like this or not. I have two little questions: Can I controle which labels are used (numbers, letters,...)? What did you use the \addhighpenspace command for? – Philipp Aug 4 '11 at 19:55
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    @Philipp: Good catch -- I forgot that biber is necessary here; I always enable it in my configuration file biblatex.cfg. – lockstep Aug 4 '11 at 20:00

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