I try to make a pie chart, but can't get the labels right: This is the MWE:



    \foreach [
        remember=\endangle as \startangle,
        evaluate=\i as \endangle using {\startangle-(\csname#1\endcsname[\i-1]/100*360)},
        evaluate=\halfangle using {(\endangle-\startangle)/2+\startangle},
    ] \i in {1,...,#2} {%
        \fill[{#3!![\i]}] (0,0) --++(\startangle:#4) arc (\startangle:\endangle:#4);
        \draw[white, line width=0.75mm](0,0)--++(\startangle:#4+0.1pt);
        \node at (\halfangle:#4) {\pgfmathparse{\csname#5\endcsname[\i-1]}\pgfmathresult};% With this line commented out there is no error...
    \draw[white,line width=0.75mm](0,0)--++(\startangle:#4);
    \fill[white](0,0)circle [radius=#4*0.4];%




This brings up the error

Argument of \language@active@arg" has an extra }. \par  ...piechart{shares}{4}{colorser}{2cm}{labels}

The output I hope for looks like that:

enter image description here

Without the labels, everything works...


The active " is a babel shorthand, TikZ library babel helps:

  • Well, I didn't expect this to come true that fast... Learned something already!! – caligula Jun 8 '15 at 7:14
  • For example that I can't use this library with TikZ/PGF < 3.0 :( see here – caligula Jun 8 '15 at 7:25

It turned out that this comes from the babel package: The double quotation marks aren't recognized correctly. \shorthandoff{"} is the key here:


Hope this helps someone, it cost me hours and hours. This helped me to find the solution and is slightly similar to this question, so I leave it up to you to mark this as duplicate or not. I think this question is the other way around and provides an error message that might be searched for...

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