With any *.tex file, even with almost empty template, tex, latex, pdflatex commands takes ages to compile it. strace shows excessive amount of stat calls to all the files in my home directory, which is the cause of slow behaviour. If I run a compilation with sudo command all fine and quick as it supposed to be. How can I fix this?

strace output consists of many many lines like this:

stat("/home/...", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0755, st_size=4096, ...}) = 0
open("/home/...", O_RDONLY|O_NONBLOCK|O_DIRECTORY|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
getdents(8, /* 7 entries */, 32768)     = 208

EDIT: I'm using RHEL 6

env | grep TEX

kpsewhich -a texmf.cnf


kpsewhich -var-value=TEXINPUTS


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    Do you have the TEXINPUTS variable set? – egreg Jun 8 '15 at 11:53
  • You might need to explain a lot more about your system. Sounds like linux. But you never mention anything about your general setup. – daleif Jun 8 '15 at 11:54
  • @egreg, uhhh, good one – daleif Jun 8 '15 at 11:54
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    Can you add the output of the shell commands env | grep TEX and kpsewhich -a texmf.cnf (as normal user)? – egreg Jun 8 '15 at 11:58
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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's an error in the path and so not related to TeX/LaTeX – Romain Picot Feb 17 '16 at 7:39