I am using the MNRAS latex template to typeset a preprint. The MNRAS template is divided into two columns and I am using the figure and figure* environment to place graphs either into one column or over the two columns.

However, the figures are put into the document in the order of appearance and figures* are independently put into the document in the order of appearance of figures*. As a result a "Figure 5" (a non* figure) appears in the document before "Figure 1" (a figure*).

How can I force the correct order of appearance of both figures and figures*?

Renumbering the figures is not an option as the journal requires the figures to appear in order of reference in text. I have tried using the afterpage package as a workaround so that Figures 1-4 are typesetted before Figure 5 but unfortunately \afterpage{\clearpage} triggers already after the left-column ending and the whole right column is left blank.

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This was a bug (or rather, a documented limitation) in latex which was fixed if you loaded the fixltx2e package, and is fixed by default in LaTeX 2015/01/01.


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