I want a customized paper size, a customized text size and layout. Thus conforming to Springer's style requirements for scientific monographs which are different to conventional sizes like DIN A4.

  • Text size: 117mm width and 191mm height
  • Paper Size: 155mm width and 235mm height

Unfortunately, using Springer's SVMult template and pdflatex, the resulting pdf has the wrong size, namely A4. I guess this problem also exists for other styles with different text and paper layouts. The textsize is set in SVMult.

How to customize papersize and layout using a custom documentclass (SVMult) while using pdflatex?

  • Is it possible to adapt the svmult.cls so that the correct paper size is generated?
  • Can the package geometry be used while keeping SVMult settings?

I tried the following:

Influenced by this question on forcing pdf size.

Using Custom Class


No Effect at all:

\pdfpagewidth = 155mm
\pdfpageheight = 235mm

Correct Paper size, wrong formatting, at least wrong left and right page margins:


Using pass to keep SVMult settings thwarts papersize changes:


The problem prevails, using no other packages at all or using packages, among others hyperref.

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You can pass the options to geometry adding some other ones.

\RequirePackage{fix-cm} % because svmult uses non standard sizes


  heightrounded, % <- I recommend this



\title*{My title}
\author{Jaße \inst{1}}
\institute{University \texttt{[email protected]}}





The verbose option is used just to check the results of the computations. In particular I get

* \paperwidth=441.01772pt
* \paperheight=668.63976pt
* \textwidth=332.89723pt
* \textheight=538.0pt

This corresponds, in millimeters, to

* \paperwidth=155mm
* \paperheight=235mm
* \textwidth=117mm
* \textheight=189.09mm

The difference in the text height is negligible, since svmult uses \raggedbottom, doing heightrounded is conceptually better, in my opinion.

enter image description here

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