I have a lot of footnotes and it is distracting while trying to read the document in the editor. Is there a way to hide the footnotes or have them appear at the bottom of the page in the editor? thanks


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This is not really an answer but doesn't fit in comments. One thing that can help is to format the footnotes in your source code in a way that sets them apart from the main text somewhat. I try to put all footnotes at the end of a sentence (I use a notes-and-bibliography style). I put these notes on a separate line in the source code, surrounded by comment marks and sometimes indented. For example:

Two authors have written about this topic.%
   \footnote{I can cite both authors with one note here: \autocites{First}{Second}.}
Here the main text continues.

If you do this, make sure you don't forget the comment mark at the end of the first sentence; otherwise you get a space before the footnote number.

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