I'm confused by the role the pict2e package plays vis-a-vis the picture package. I used to believe that it is an enhanced replacement, but that's obviously not the case as the following example compiles with picture but not with pict2e in both, pdflatex and xelatex:





        \tikz\node[rectangle, minimum height=2cm, minimum width=2cm, draw=black, fill=black] {};%

Hello World!

Can someone please enlighten me?


Have you read the documents of pict2e and picture packages?

pict2e package is new implementation of LaTeX's picture environment. (NOT the picture package by Oberdiek).

picture package supports the syntax such as \put(2cm,2cm) instead of original \setlength{\unitlength}{1cm} and \put(2,2).

The two packages are totally different.

And read this in the document of picture package:

Packages pspicture and pict2e are supported, but they must be loaded before package picture.

  • Thanks. I did read the documents but I really confused myself over environment vs package. Confusion solved. – kongo09 Aug 5 '11 at 10:41

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