I am using the scrbook class and compiling through PDFLaTeX. I have my document setup such that I include the different chapters that each have their own \cite, but would like to print one bibliography only at the end of the whole \mainmatter, not after each chapter. When I try that, no bibliography prints. Here are some of the document lines:

%   ,oneside     
%   ,DIV=calc    
%   ,headings=small  

\usepackage[refsection=chapter,defernumbers=true,sorting=none,sortcites=true,autopunct=true,babel=hyphen,hyperref=true,abbreviate=false,backref=true,backend=biber]{biblatex}   \addbibresource{C:/Users/bossman/Desktop/FAU/ModernControl/References/chap1.bib}

\addbibresource{C:/Users/bossman/Desktop/FAU/ModernControl/References/chap1.bib}% BibTeX







% no thumb index

\printbibliography[heading=subbibintoc,type=book, title={Books}]
\printbibliography[type=online, heading=subbibintoc, title={Online}]


How can I go about printing the bibliography only at the end of the document?

  • Your document does not work and it's quite tedious to make it work. After all, I got multiple bibliographies, just because you've specified four \printbibliography terms. But there are noper-chapter bibliographies. – user31729 Jun 10 '15 at 12:48

The reason it appears, as to why the bibliography did not appear in my output document was due to the fact that my Chapter 2 was empty. If I just commented out


the bibliography showed up as it was only in Chapter 1 that I had text and also the \cite.

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