How can i replicate the table of contents style from the ConTeXt manual with ConTeXt?

In particular, I like that page numbers are not aligned right und sections have no line breaks between them. Looking at the sources, i cannot figure out how to reproduce that.


The source code of this manual is available online (and you can help enhancing the document by reporting any errors or telling the people on the context mailing list how you liked it), so just look at the file that generates the toc (st-contents.tex).

  • Ok, essentially: \setuplist[chapter][alternative=a,pagecommand=\hskip10pt,interaction=all] \setuplist[section,subsection][alternative=d,margin=2em] However, interaction=all for section,subsections makes the page numbers disappear. Also, alternative=d is undefined?
    – beza1e1
    Aug 8 '11 at 11:42

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