I'm currently unable to get Glossaries to work.

The documents builds fine. No errors whatsoever. But it's not printing the glossary even tho it creates a hyperref at the \glo{computer} which leads to the very first page of the document (invalid hyperref)

Here's a minmal working example:


\usepackage{amsmath, amsfonts, amssymb, graphicx, wrapfig, lmodern, fancyhdr, microtype}


\newacronym{cd}{CD}{compact disk}

  description={is a programmable machine that receives input,
               stores and manipulates data, and provides
               output in a useful format}


%Damit ich 1.5 Zeilenabstände habe

%Der Seitenrand


\section{Some Chapter}

You can install \gls{computer}-software using a \gls{cd}



It contains all the packages I'm using even when they're not needed in the MWE (In case that some of them are incompatible)

=== Image ===

Also: I'm currently using no .glo file. Is there any external program like JabRef where I can edit my glossary the way I do it with BibTeX?

I hope you guys can help me. I would really appreciate it

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You don't mention makeindex in your question, are you running the makeindex command? From the manual:

Run makeindex with the .glo file as the input file and the .ist file as the style so that it creates an output file with the extension .gls. If you have access to a terminal or a command prompt (for example, the MSDOS command prompt for Windows users or the bash console for Unix-like users) then you need to run the command: makeindex -s myDoc.ist -o myDoc.gls myDoc.glo

For a quick, easy solution, change \makeglossaries to \makenoidxglossaries and \printglossariesto \printnoidxglossaries.

This is a bit slower than the usual commands without noidx, but it's no problem unless you have a huge glossary.

  • It's working! whohoo! Thank you very much :)
    – BlueWizard
    Jun 11, 2015 at 6:39
  • 2
    Great :) I've had my fair share of glossary problems as well, still don't quite understand how it works..
    – user49901
    Jun 11, 2015 at 6:42
  • Do you know any sort of program I can edit .glo files with? Because it would be pretty spamming when i would put all this into my tex file preamble. Just like what JabRef does with .bib files
    – BlueWizard
    Jun 11, 2015 at 6:45
  • 1
    The reason for that error is due to your entries \newglossaryentry{System} and \newglossaryentry{Betriebssystem} not having a } after the description={.... Apart from this, you have the exact same file structure as me.
    – user49901
    Jun 11, 2015 at 7:31
  • 1
    Hi, I'm new to this glossary. In every other guide, they use the "normal" commands, and they print nothing in my pdf. This noidx version does. Why? May 7, 2021 at 19:55

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