I am preparing a fairly straight forward presentation using beamer. My question is this--how do I link items in my table of contents to the appropriate section/subsection? I feel as if there is something simple I'm missing...then again, maybe not.


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The beamer documentclass works in a very similar way to regular LaTeX documentclasses. Moreover, it necessarily includes the use of the hyperref package. That is, compiling even this minimal example (taken from the beamer documentclass documentation)

% This is the file main.tex
\title{Example Presentation Created with the Beamer Package}
\author{Till Tantau}
\subsection{Overview of the Beamer Class}
\subsection{Overview of Similar Classes}
\end{frame} % to enforce entries in the table of contents

produces a hyperlinked table of contents. Furthermore, some notable extracts from the documentation includes:

The empty frame at the end (which should be deleted later) ensures that the sections and subsections are actually part of the table of contents. This frame is necessary since a \section or \subsection command following the last page of a document has no effect. (Section 4.2 Step Two: Structure Your Presentation, p 29)

This implies that there is a requirement to use \frame{...} or \begin{frame}...\end{frame} is necessary for the correct setup of your presentation. It may be that you do not have proper frames set up, causing a problem with hyperlinks between your table of contents and sectional headings.

You can structure your text using the commands \section and \subsection. Unlike standard LATEX, these commands will not create a heading at the position where you use them. Rather, they will add an entry to the table of contents and also to the navigation bars. (Section 10.2 Adding Sections and Subsections, p 95)

With the proper setup, \section and \subsection commands should link to the table of contents.

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