My aim is to include a certain slide ONLY in the handouts generated from a Beamer presentation. How to do this?

I know that I can use overlays with \only (e.g., \only<1-1|handout:1) to specify whether certain elements should be shown in the handout. Furthermore, I can use \includeonlyframes{frame1, frame3} to specify which frame should be included.

However, the trick with overlays does not work here since I want to exclude the whole frame from the presentation (i.e., not the handout). The option \includeonlyframes{frame1, frame3} is rather messy since I have to define all slides that should be included although I only want one slide to be excluded. Furthermore, I would have to do this manually every time I compile a handout version.

So is there an easy way to exclude a single frame/slide from the presentation? In other words, how can I define that a frame/slide should only be included in the handout version?

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I just found the answer. The option <beamer:0> shows a frame omitted from the presentation but included in the handout mode. For example:


     I am a frame that is not shown in the presentation. However,
     you'll find me in the handout.


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