I am using biblatex in my document. I have divided the bibligraphy in 2 subsections, one for scientific articles and the other for codes and regulations. For that I used keywords, as suggested in the biblatex manual.

\printbibliography[keyword=article,heading=subbibnumbered,title={Scientific articles}]
\printbibliography[keyword=regulation,heading=subbibnumbered,title={Codes and regulations}]

I am using heading = subbibnumbered because I want this bibliography subsections to be considered like subsection, numbered and included in the table of contents.

This works fine. Now I want to make a reference to this subsections, but I don't know how to make it. Does biblatex use a \label when making this subsections? Is it possible to define one?

I have tried to include a label after the call to \printbibliography. The link points to the correct position but the number of the section refered is the previous to the bibliography ones.

I have searched in the biblatex manual and in Stack Exchange, but I haven't find this question answered, sorry if it already is.

Thank you.

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    Hi and welcome, have you tried putting a label within the title? title={Scientific articles\label{sciArticles}} Haven't tested it, but i think this could work. – Johannes_B Jun 16 '15 at 12:20

Add the label within the title.


Interested in articles? See \autoref{bib:article}\par
Interested in books? See \autoref{bib:book}\par
\printbibliography[type=article,title={The articles\label{bib:article}},heading=bibnumbered]
\printbibliography[type=book,title={The books\label{bib:book}},heading=bibnumbered]
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    That's actually pretty clever. I used to use \AtBeginBibliography{\label{bibliography}}, but, of course, that works only if you have only one bibliography. If you want to keep the same name, use title={\bibname\label{bib:book}} for instance. – Clément Nov 12 '16 at 21:03

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