I have tried everything suggested on the web but nothing has worked - yet!

I am writing a thesis with 6 numbered Chapters. For page numbering I am using




starting at Chapter 1, which comes out like this: First Chapter page numbering working example

After my six Chapters I add my 'Bibliography', and after that 'Appendices' as an unnumbered *Chapter. However, the page numbers showing in my Appendices have kept in 'memory' the Bibliography (previous) chapter. See here:

PDF view of Appendices section

I would like to change this so that it shows 'Appendices....page number' or just 'page number' or as a last resort by eliminating page numbering in the Appendices *Chapter altogether.

Thank you in advance!


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    How did you add appendix in your lyx document? Did you add it as a separate chapter or via document-->start appendix here?
    – Yorgos
    Jun 16, 2015 at 14:35
  • I added it as a separate Chapter and indluded it in the main document.
    – Ella Jay
    Jun 16, 2015 at 20:38
  • I believe that you should choose the second method. LyX has an "automatic" way to set appendices, which can be seen as a separate document class. But you can try to enter the following commands before your "chapter with appendix": '\cleardoublepage' (if you use a book document class)and then '\pagenumbering{roman or arabic}', '\setcounter{page}{the number you want your appendix to start}'
    – Yorgos
    Jun 17, 2015 at 5:51

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I just solved the case myself. The solution is to change the \pagestyle to {plain} at the section I only want numbers showing. My code which now does this is shown below simplified:

\pagenumbering{arabic} \pagestyle{headings}

Include Chapter 1


Include Chapter 6



Include Appendices


Thanks you anyhow!

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