Does anyone know how I could write this block matrix with a LaTeX code ? For now, this is a figure I did on photoshop... And I would like it to be an equation to have a better resolution.

enter image description here


    \tikzpicture[every node/.style={anchor=south west}]
        \node[minimum width=2cm,minimum height=.6cm] at (0,0) {$C_2$};
        \node[minimum width=2cm,minimum height=.6cm] at (0,.6) {$B_2$};
        \node[minimum width=4cm,minimum height=1.2cm] at (2,0) {$M_{3,7}^{[1,2]}$};
        \node[minimum width=1.5cm,minimum height=1.2cm] at (0,1.2) {$A_4$};
        \node[minimum width=4.5cm,minimum height=1.2cm] at (1.5,1.2) {$M_{3,7}^{[1]}$};
        \draw[dashed] (0,1.2) -- (6,1.2);
        \draw[dashed] (0,0.6) -- (2,0.6);
        \draw[dashed] (2,0) -- (2,1.2);
        \draw[dashed] (1.5,1.2) -- (1.5,2.4);

    \[ M_{3,9} = \mymatrix \]

enter image description here

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