A simple way to write articles with authors and affiliations is by using the package authblk; however, it looks a bit obsolete, and lacking some desirable (for me at least) functions, eg:

  • the footnote thing for author's affiliation is badly implemented, as name\footnote, is worse than name,\footnote, namely the footnote should be placed before the comma

  • the affiliation command should allow me to break with \\ where I prefer, not just put a comma

  • there should be a command to easily put preprint number, eg in the top right corner and flushed-right, as well as a hyperlink footnote with author's email

Do you see a way to implement it, as a package and not by inserting commands in one's own tex file? Should one contact the original author?

The minimal example is


\renewcommand\Affilfont{\it \small}


\affil[*]{one line\authorcr another line}
\affil[**]{other line}

this produces the wrong spacing mentioned at point 1, while \authorcr restores the font to the one used for author, so it is not good here. The last point should be ideally a command like \email[*]{address at dot} with authomatic hyperlink and \preprint{some number} which is displayed top flushed right (I understand it is possible to use fancyhdr, but it sounds more involved)

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    I don't think Patrick Daly is actively developing his packages other than dealing with the occasional bug. So I suspect that asking him for feature requests will not be useful. Your point 1 is not clear. Minimal example? On point 2, there is a command \\authorcr which allows breaks. On point 3 you could do this easily with fancyhdr. – Alan Munn Jun 22 '15 at 13:40
  • Still not clear. Why are you using \footnote? Can you actually add a minimal document to show what the problem is? – Alan Munn Jun 22 '15 at 13:53
  • @AlanMunn - In case of preprint bundle (authblk is part of it), the situation is that they are provided "as is". I'm afraid that even bugs will not be fixed. – Arash Esbati Jun 22 '15 at 13:53
  • Is there any news here? – Johannes_B Feb 26 '17 at 10:23
  • @Johannes_B there are putex.sty or hepth.sty that have some of the properties I mentioned, but e.g. not the second point – jj_p Feb 28 '17 at 16:11

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