Most probably my question shall be better addressed to the pandoc developers yet I was wondering if anybody managed to use the \only<N>{ ... } (or \uncover<N>{ ... }) directives in a pandoc / Beamer environment.

More precisely, I work on my own beamer theme where I try to implement a set of markdown-based slides transformed to LaTeX Beamer using the following command

 pandoc –from markdown –to beamer –slide-level 3 -o <filename>.md.tex <filename>.md

One trouble is that if I try to add in a frame the \only<1>{...} directly,pandoc transform it to the LaTeX sequence \only\textless{}1\textgreater{}\{...\}.

To ensure the un-interpreted rendering, one way is to place the \only<1>{...} sequence within a given environment between \begin{...} ... \end{...}, where pandoc is configured to treat the content as native LaTeX command. One drawback for which I'm searching a workaround, is that you can no longer use the Markdown syntax within the \only<N>{ ... } block. Ex:

* an item in markdown

  \only<1>{That's fine}
  \only<2>{That's also fine, but I can no longer use the **Markdown** syntax}

Any suggestion?


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In the mean time the possibility to use \only<>{} etc. has been added to pandoc in the commit https://github.com/jgm/pandoc/commit/8d7ecc27a19facf6c4b50a65ee1029c105aacdb2

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