What I'd finally like to have are clickable backlinks from the headings to the table of contents. The goal is to click on a heading and land on that exact heading in the toc. As far as my search efforts are concerned there is no easy way to reach this. So I tried to start by linking to the toc like here. But I already fail to place links in headings, which seems to be impossible and results in this error message:

pdfTeX error (ext1): \pdfendlink cannot be used in vertical mode.

Just to clarify this, as there seem to be potential misunderstandings in other discussions on the web: I don't want to change the style of the headings! The links should be invisible like when using the hidelinks option. I left the links visible in the MWE for better overview.

So here's the MWE with one of my error producing lines NOT commented out:

% \usepackage[hidelinks]{hyperref}%Works like a charm

% And I would like to do something like that too:
% \renewcommand{\chapter}[1]{\hyperlink{toc}{\chapter{#1}}}



\chapter{This is a great headline}%Working
% \chapter{This \hyperlink{toc}{is} a great headline}%Not working
% \chapter{\hyperlink{toc}{This is a great headline}}%Also not working
\hyperlink{toc}{\chapter{This is a great headline}}%Also not working
Here is some text to prove, that \hyperlink{toc}{links} to toc work, if they're not in headings\ldots
\section{This is a section heading}
% \section{This is a \hyperlink{toc}{section} heading}%Also not working
\section{and another}

\chapter{This is a bad headline!}
\section{last section}


In the end it would be great to get the links automatically in every heading, like I tried to with the renewcommand.

  • The main problem is that the chapter title (even the optional chapter title) is used in more than one place. I can put a \hypertarget into the TOC, but it will also be placed on the top of each page. What you really need is to modify \contentsline to add a hypertaget such as backlink.chapter.1 (where chapter.1 is the current 4th argument). Jun 24 '15 at 14:36

I placed the redefinition of \contentsline after \begin{document} since hyperref puts what appears to be a redefinition in the aux file. But on closer examination it seems this code doesn't actually do anything.


\newcommand{\mychapter}[2][\@empty]% #1=optional (toc and top of page), #2=title
{\ifx#1\@empty \hyperchapter[#2]{\hyperlink{toc.chapter.\thechapter}{#2}}
 \else \hyperchapter[#1]{\hyperlink{toc.chapter.\thechapter}{#2}}

\newcommand{\mysection}[2][\@empty]% #1=optional (toc), #2=title
{\ifx#1\@empty \hypersection[#2]{\hyperlink{toc.section.\thesection}{#2}}
 \else \hypersecton[#1]{\hyperlink{toc.section.\thesection}{#2}}



\chapter{This is a great headline}
\section{and another}

\chapter{This is a bad headline!}
\section{last section}

  • Well, if I could click on "accept this answer a 2nd time" I would do it... :) Solved everything. Thanks very much!
    – caligula
    Jun 24 '15 at 16:18
  • I have a habit of refining my answers until I get it right. For example, I just noticed that there is a \chapter* and \section* option I need to implement. Jun 24 '15 at 16:28
  • I wish you good luck :) In the meantime I found out that a \let\chapter=\section after all of this has to be \let\hyperchapter=\hypersection to work....
    – caligula
    Jun 24 '15 at 16:50
  • :D You're pretty fast. On the first sight I'd say there's a \makeatother missing...
    – caligula
    Jun 24 '15 at 16:52
  • I caught it. Also used \@empty instead of \empty. I generally don't bother, but since I need \@ifstar anyway... Jun 24 '15 at 17:04

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