I am using natbib and amsthm. If I use \citep[Thm. 4.5]{key} in the options of my theorem environment I get the error:

Argument of \NAT@@citetp has an extra }. \begin{thm}[\citep[Thm]

Why can't I put a citep with options into the options of a theorem environment? Below I have my code sample.

Thank you, for your help



\usepackage{amsmath, amsthm, amssymb, dsfont}

\newtheoremstyle{mystyle}%                % Name
  {}%                                     % Space above
  {}%                                     % Space below
  {\normalfont}%                          % Body font
  {}%                                     % Indent amount
  {\bfseries}%                            % Theorem head font
  {}%                                    % Punctuation after theorem head
  { }%                                    % Space after theorem head, ' ', or \newline
  {}%                                     % Theorem head spec (can be left empty, meaning `normal')





means the option to Theorem is


and things go wrong from there.



This applies to any LaTeX2e optional argument, not just theorems.

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